We are not currently accepting complex custom design projects that cost over $1000. Should your projects cost over $500, you may need to arrange the meeting with our team. All transaction below $500 will be processed through Paypal. Most of our designs cost below $200. We will contact you once the design is completed. If you are not happy with our work, you can get our design for free. FAIR and HONEST.

Meet in person

We are small team based in Mississauga. We currently don't have official office. Should you meet us in person, please email us to arrange the meeting with us in the Mississauga area.


If you would like to join us to be our team, please email your resume to [email protected]

Freelance opportunities

Make some extra income by providing your services to our clients. The income that you get from our clients will be yours if you charge them between $10-$100 or we charge you $20 if you charge them for more than $100. Email us for more information.

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